Infinite Possibilities Spa - Eyelash Extensions
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Eyelash Extensions

Natural Faux Mink Full Set
An enhanced version of your own lashes with a just a little extra flare.  

90 Min -$100
 2 week Lash Fill 60 Min. - $40

Classic Beauty Faux Mink Full Set
Thicker, fuller & longer lash look that is instantly sure to turn heads.  

120 Min -$150 
2 week Lash Fill 60 -75 Min. -$60

Glamour Faux Mink Full Set
Pump up the volume with a customized combination of individual lashes, 3 D &/or 4 D Volume lashes to give you the look of a true diva. 

120 Min. -$250
2 week Lash Fill 75 Min. -$85

If it's 4 weeks or more &/ or more than half of lash extensions missing will require a Full Set appointment. 

Lash Removal
30 Min. $35 
$20 if booked with a Full Set

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